2014 spring/summer silpada catalog

Today’s woman inspires us. You’re confident, you’re ambitious,you’re the life of the party. You’re best friend, a role model and creer woman all the same time. And, what we love most about women like you is that, despite your busy life, you still find time to look fabulous. But, Silpada isn’t just about how you look. It’s about how you’re look makes you feel. You and the Silpada women you see on these next few pages are the women of today who are changing tomorrow and spreeding the Silpada Sisterhood for decades to come.

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Discovering yourself is a journey. Finding youself is a Destination.


You were destined to discover the place you belong. The place you feel most at home, most confident and comfortable just being you…and you being enough. Silpada can be that place. A destination where you’ll find yourself…and discover that you’re Here by Design.

We believe this world needs more people who do what they love, more people embracing their individuality and leaving life on their terms. As a company built by women for women, we understand today’s woman, and the important role she plays in every aspect of her life. She has no boundaries, no specific age, and she comes in every shape and size. She inpires others, and they inspire her. And you know her. She is you. And you are here by design.

Our Promise to You
Our jewelry is handcrafted from the .925 Sterling Silver, and our Silpada artisans subscribe to the highes standards of excellence. We’re so commited to quality that we back the entire collection with a lifetime guarantee. Great style, no worries. That’s Silpada promise!

The Patina finishing technique has been applied to metals across many cultures for hundreds of years. It originated during the Renaissance, where it was applied to newly cast Bronze in order to mimic the appearance of antiquities. Patina helps create a rich, rustic style that adds value and personality to your look.

Classic Collection

Set style standard with look that’s simple yet totally chic. Silpada’s Classic Collection is all about proportion, harmony and high quality-making it the perfect fit for you’re refined taste. Layer on these luxe must haves, and see for yourself why classic women call these beauties their style staples.

Change Of Art Ring

How It Works:
Pull the center-band setting and stone down from the double-band setting. Slide the stone off the center-band setting and slide the new stone on, alligning the magnet on the on the stone with the magnet on the center-band setting. Slide the new stone and center-band setting up into the double-band setting and place on finger to secure.

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